LangLinx Group

is an organization founded by a group of former employees of Sun Microsystems and Oracle Globalization Organization in three geographical regions with the head office in Hamburg, Germany.

LangLinx Venture

LangLinx globalization business venture is located in Asia, Europe and North America with the Globalization Sites (GSs) located in China, the Czech Republic, Germany and United States, proving a full scope of value-added localization services and offer more competitive pricing at the same level of standards leveraging from the single corporate infrastructure and processes. The synergy of several globalization sites, specialized in various areas of expertise, allows LangLinx to offer a full scope of services encompassing Globalization, Localization, Translation, Multilingual Web engineering and applications, Interpreting, Project Management, and DTP.  The combination of our value added services allow us to share our processes and meet expected QA targets.

  • Germany, Hamburg
  • China, Beijing
  • Czech Republic, Prague
  • United States, Boulder